This time last year, I resolved to journal... Not journal more, just journal. period. I'd like to say my will was strong... It wasn't... I made a few resolutions last year... And I kept a few of them... In late September, I decided that I wanted to create a journal of my thoughts for Jay... I wanted to make a book that would sit on his desk at work each day, offering him joy and encouragement in what can often be a difficult struggle... More on that book later this week... While I didn't journal for myself, I did put down many of my thoughts for my beloved husband... And this year, I resolve again, to get journalling...

And just a note: The blog playlist hasn't been working for quite some time and I had no idea as it was working just fine on my computer... So sad as I think the winter playlist is pretty sensational... I've attempted to fix it and it should be running smoothly... Please let me know if it's working for you... All you need to do is click on a song to begin the playlist! Hope you like!
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  1. Lovely! I love getting to take a peek into people's journals. Good luck with your goal!



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