Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams...


Last December, my dear friends Jim & Jess bought me an ice cream maker for my birthday... It was something I'd long been hoping for and dreaming of... Since then, I've tried several different kinds of ice cream: Strawberry, Mayan Chocolate (my favourite), Peach, Blueberry and Cherry (Jay's favourite)... As of yet, I haven't tried anything really exotic... But I'd like to... Somewhere in the on-line world over the past few weeks, I happened upon the home of 'Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams'... Don't some of these flavours sound too good to be true?
You can say I have a bit of a soft spot for ice cream these days... And I plan on experimenting more and more... So I'm adding 'Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home' to my wish list...
Inspired? Watch Jeni make her Corn Syrup Custard with Whiskey & Pecans Ice Cream:

Take It Outside {Camping}


Who says that camping can't be glamourous?

Weekend Project {Spice Rack Bookshelves}


Back in May, I featured some child friendly bookshelves... Everything's been on a bit of a budget here these days, so I was thrilled to try out an idea for Spice Rack bookshelves in Leah's room... I purchased the spice racks from 'Ikea' for an amazing $7 a piece, painted them with acrylic paint in a lovely shade of lilac, put them together and then my handy husband hung them up in Leah's room to feature some of her favourite books! Why not try them out this weekend for yourself?

The Girl's Rooms...


It's been almost three months since we've been in our new house... And we're nearly settled... Just a few days ago, we put the finishing touches on Leah's new room, after moving her out of the nursery (which is now waiting patiently, as we all are, for baby to arrive)...

The artwork with Leah's name on it was a DIY project using frames from Ikea and scrapbooking paper.
The vintage hankie bunting in Leah's room was a custom order from 'Periwinkle Jazz'
The butterfly mobile in Leah's room was a custom order from 'Baby Jives'
The Matryoshka Doll on the shelf in Leah's room is from 'Ravenhill'
The butterfly mobile in Brennah's room was a custom order from 'Almost Sunday'
The heart name prints in both girl's rooms were also custom orders from 'Almost Sunday'
The bunting in Brennah's room was a custom order from 'Jump Up and Down'

See something else you're curious about? I always love to know where people purchased their lovely items... Just comment or send me an email at and I'll be happy to let you know!

Gowns in a Maze...


This song makes me sad but the video is so beautiful...



I would love to add these 'Menagerie' juice glasses to my collection... Aren't they just delightful?

A Few Days at Britain Lake...


Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we spent some time with Jay's family at his parent's cottage on Britain Lake... A lovely location... And a sweet time...

Amy Stroup...


Some lovely new music from Amy Stroup... Enjoy!



 These are my own designs so please link back to this post if you'd like to share them! Thanks so much!

Weekend Project {Paper Dolls}


This weekend, I'm hoping to finally get around to cutting out and laminating several sets of free paper dolls for Bren... Here's a sampling of the best FREE sets I've found...
Download from 'A Number of Things'
Download from 'Brumley and Wells'
Download from 'Lily & Thistle'

Download from 'Diaper Style Memoirs'

A Midsummer's Night Dream...


So thoroughly enjoying this summer with my beautiful girls...

Weekend Project {Butterflies Under Glass}


A lovely weekend project idea from 'Sweet Paul'... Have a beautiful weekend friends!

A Week in 11 Pictures...


Our 2011 week at the cottage with our dear friends the Robinson's was nearly perfect... The girls loved every minute of it as did my husband, who was so deserving of a relaxing vacation after the busy year we've had... We ate well, had wonderful fellowship along with lots of candy, naps in the hammock, hours spent reading... And of course, watching the girls enjoy the beautiful beach and lake!


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