Weekend Project {Place Cards}


Planning a wedding? Or just having a party... Enjoy these simple place card ideas from "Martha Stewart Weddings" (Place cards search)...

Download the template for the lovely place cards below...

If I Got Married Again... {Bouquets}


I love the idea of a wedding bouquet that can be kept for years to come... Enjoy these stunning options... 

If I Got Married Again... {Emily K}


Boutonnieres, corsages & hair pieces by "Emily K Botanic Studio"

If I Got Married Again... {SingleB: Beautiful}


Last weekend Jay and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary... Our wedding, May 17, 2003, was a perfect day... I know most brides would say that about their wedding... But in my case, it was true! The sky was blue, not a cloud in sight... The weather was warm with a cool breeze... I married the man that I'd been dreaming about... And we were surrounded by family and friends... But as much as I LOVED every minute of it, I'm glad I only had to plan it all once... However, if I was going to get married again (and I'm more than glad I don't have to), these Etsy sellers would be on my contact list... Enjoy the wedding inspired bliss!

I love the elegance and simplicity of the (potential engagement and wedding) rings by "SingleB: Beautiful"... Someday... Maybe someday... Perhaps I should send the link to Jay!

Weekend Project {Grape Cupcakes}


A yummy weekend project... "Grape Cupcakes" from the "cupcake blog"... Enjoy!

A Little Cupcake Inspiration...


Aren't these lovely... Makes me want to get baking!

Photo from "Martha Stewart"

Photo from "i heart cake"

Photo from "Country Living"

Photo from "Le Cupcake"

Photo from "Cupcake Cafe NYC

Cupcake Anyone?


Lovely edible cupcake toppers from the "Layer Cake Shop"... Good enough to eat! Enjoy!

Cupcake Anyone?


For those of you who know me well, you know that I adore cupcakes... Cupcakes of all types... They are my dessert of choice... Today is Victoria Day... A lovely May holiday... And I feel like celebrating this week... So why not celebrate with some yummy cupcakes?

In light of this, I was more than thrilled to find the Etsy shop, "Cupcake Social"... I anticipate many, many visits to this shop! Unique and colourful cupcake liners... A good start! Enjoy! 

Weekend Project {Vintage Fabric Ideas}


Get creative this long weekend (for us Canadians anyhow) with vintage fabrics... Check out these terrific, easy & adorable ideas from "Country Home"... Enjoy!


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