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Fresh Goods {Ivy}


I've been working on the doodles for this kit for months... And last weekend, they finally came together... Say hello to The Ivy Elements, 30% off today, only!

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 Top left layout by Chiara
Top right layout by Jeryn
Bottom left layout by Michelle
Bottom right layout by Tania

Layout by Kym

Chris + Amy, Part 1


Last week I shared the wonderful family photos taken by Amy Hollywood... It was a pretty great night... After our photos were done, I sent the girls home with Jay and took a few pictures of Amy and my cousin, Chris who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in August!

Our Family on Film, Part Two


Lovely pictures take on 09.03.12 by my talented cousin, Amy Hollywood

Our Family on Film, Part One


Lovely pictures take on 09.03.12 by my talented cousin, Amy Hollywood



This past weekend was a very busy weekend... And on Saturday night, feeling very tired and burned out, Jay and I went out for one of my favourites, Frozen Hot Chocolate... And we talked... About the girls, about life... And about how very, very busy things have been for us these last few months... I'm heading back to work, teaching one day a week in late October... And I feel like there are so many pulls on my time... So many! It's because of this, that I've decided to cut back on the blog... This is a pretty hard decision for me... I've been posting every day since June 2008... I haven't missed a weekday in four+ years... So to stop posting... well... the perfectionist in me has a very time with this... But I know it's the best thing for me right now... For my girls... For my husband... So I'm saying good-bye to my regular blog posts... I'll pop in here and there with posts that I want to post... Thanks to all who read day after day... And I know there are many of you out there! And please continue to stay tuned... Later this week, I plan to share photos from our family photoshoot with my cousin Amy!

Fresh Goods {Jane + Polka Dots}


Brand new today, say hello to Jane... 30% off today only! And don't forget to grab my new templates, The Polka Dot Templates! Don't know how to use layered templates, check out this great tutorial!
Additional papers: Southern Charm Paper Pack


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