International Etsy Feature: "Las Lopez Las" {Argentina}


I just adore the stunning wraps and shawls by "Las Lopez Las" from Argentina, a place I've always wanted to visit... The designs and colours are just amazing! "Las Lopez Las" is made up of three sisters who knit, loom, crochet and embroider using ancient techniques passed down from their grandmother! They create their pieces from local wool so when you purchase from their shop, you are truly getting a piece of South American life!

Sweet Little Owls...


I have had so much fun with these adorable handpainted ceramic owls... They've been great sellers so far and I can see why... They're quite hard to resist!

"Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink" Necklace

International Etsy Feature: "For the Record" {Singapore}


My new favourite shop... "For the Record" from Singapore... I love photos and albums and was thrilled a few months ago when I found this fabulous shop! Jacqueline creates one-of-a-kind albums covers, amongst other things, with colourful appliques and buttons! I can't wait to get the custom album cover that's in the works for Brennah's first birthday! You can see a sneak peek here!

International Etsy Feature: "Helis" {Turkey}


When I was a little girl, I loved anything mini... When I happened upon these tiny little books by "Helis" from Turkey, they stirred up all kinds of "ohs" and "ahs" in me... Aren't they cute?

(The blog is pretty great too!)

International Etsy Feature: "Dainty Doris" {England}


Who doesn't adore a little stitched pillow full of soothing lavender? Check out "Dainty Doris",  a shop from Nottingham, UK for your fill of little lavender pillows!

International Etsy Feature: "Tijusai" {Lithuania}


I found a shop that takes my breath away... "Tijusai" from Lithuania is a lovely shop full of handmade necklaces, hair pieces and much more... The focal of each of the pieces are handmade flowers that make me think of a wedding in a spring garden... Not a bad thought on a cold and dreary Fall day!

International Etsy Feature: "Prince Design UK"


I was completely enthralled when I happened upon the British Etsy shop, "Prince Design UK"... The pottery is lovely, detailed and I was thinking, that you'd probably never want cover up the beautiful designs by putting something in the bowls! Visit the shop for some inspiring pottery and drop into the blog as well!

International Etsy Feature: "Ravenhill" {Norway}


I can't get over the loveliness of "Ravenhill", a shop from Oslo, Norway that specializes in Matryoshka Art Dolls, each with its own special name! Visit the shop and blog and prepare to be enthralled... And perhaps spot a special gift for a sweet little one this Christmas!

P.S. I know Brennah will be getting one!

New Pieces...


I had a wonderful evening last night making some new pieces... Something I haven't had time to do in a while... Just thought I'd share... See something you like? They'll be showing up in my Etsy shop over the next few days!

"Portrait of Me" Necklace

"Cathedral" Earrings

"Spoonful of Sugar" Ring

"Flying Out" Necklace

"Fly by the Peach Pie" Necklace

International Etsy Feature: "Vivipod" {Germany}


I've been enjoying so many International Etsy shops that I've decided to share a several with you over the next few weeks! The first feature is "
Vivipod" from Berlin, Germany (an incredible city!) "Vivipod" creates lovely things for little one... I'm particularly partial to the adorable mobiles which can be customized to an nursery colour! Enjoy your trip to Germany!

Etsy Feature: "doe Studio"


I love the soft, beautiful glow of "doe Studio" from Keswick, Ontario, north of Toronto... The shop is a stunning mix of lovely crocheted items and floral photographs... A pleasure to peruse, as is Dawn's pretty blog...

COMING UP NEXT WEEK... Etsy International... I've been falling in love with many international shops... For the next few weeks, as we all think about creative gift buying for the coming Holiday season, I've decided to look beyond North America for some exciting Etsy shops!

Etsy Feature: "Jacqueline Knits"


"Jacqueline Knits" is an irresistible shop from Woodbridge, Ontario (not far from here!) that offers a wonderful assortment of cozy goodies... Apple and pear jackets, tea bag totes, coffee sleeves & hip clips! All hand knit and fantastic...


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