International Etsy Feature: "Tijusai" {Lithuania}


I found a shop that takes my breath away... "Tijusai" from Lithuania is a lovely shop full of handmade necklaces, hair pieces and much more... The focal of each of the pieces are handmade flowers that make me think of a wedding in a spring garden... Not a bad thought on a cold and dreary Fall day!


  1. these are beautiful - will have to go and check the site out, thanks for sharing. :-) Oh by the way, you have been tagged!! Check out my blog on what to do.

  2. Lovely, lovely! I wish I`d look as girly and fairy-like to wear these!
    Off to her Etsy shop right away!

  3. Your Aqua SCARF from knitted Flowers is sooo stunning. Great design and color.

    l_bucci at hotmail dot com



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