I've been listening to this "Caedmon's Call" song a lot lately... And rejoicing in the life that the Lord has given me... As a mother, I can relate... And rejoice... That every little thing done in service to the Lord, no matter how big or how small, is sacred...

"this house is a good mess
it’s the proof of life
no way would I trade jobs
but it don’t pay overtime
I’ll get to the laundry
I don’t know when
I’m saying a prayer tonight
cause tomorrow it starts again
could it be that everything is sacred?
and all this time
everything I’ve dreamed of
has been right before my eyes
the children are sleeping
but they’re running through my mind
the sun makes them happy
and the music makes them unwind
my cup runneth over
and I worry about the stain
teach me to run to You
like they run to me for every little thing
when I forget to drink from you
I can feel the banks harden
Lord, make me like a stream
to feed the garden
wake up, little sleeper
the Lord, God Almighty
made your Mama keeper
so rise and shine
rise and shine cause
everything is sacred
and all this time
everything I’ve dreamed of
has been right before my eyes"

Words and Music by Randall Goodgame and Andrew Osenga

Featuring "The Ardent Sparrow"


Check out a feature done on my shop by my good friend Ryan... He owns a Search Engine Optimization firm called Strider Inc. "that specializes in online marketing for small businesses and non-profit organizations"... Very cool... And he's been very supportive of my budding small business!

Thanks Ry... Check it out at the Strider Inc. Blog

Etsy Features: "The Mayberry Sparrow" Custom Stamps

I was thrilled to find another Canadian Sparrow wandering around Etsy... Corra makes lovely and charming one-of-a-kind hand carved stamps! She's been at it for many years and has been selling on Etsy for two and a half years! In Corra's own words, her shop is "Simple, whimsical, fun"... I couldn't agree more... Take a wander through the pages of "The Mayberry Sparrow"

Featuring "The Ardent Sparrow"


A friend that I met in one of the Etsy forums has featured my shop on her blog! Check it out at "Elizabear Designs"

Check out Beth's shop at Elizabear.etsy.com

Thanks Beth!


For those of you (the small number!) who read my blog, you may remember a post I made last week about my friend Emilee... A few weeks ago, Em was diagnosed with a brain tumour... When I last mentioned her, she was waiting for the results of the biopsy... The results are in and as Em put it, "They were the results we didn't want to hear, but we got them anyway..." It's not good news... But I am still confident that the Lord is working in all this...

Please pray for Emilee... Pray for hope and healing... Pray that the Lord will be close to them in this difficult time... And pray for her husband... They haven't even yet celebrated their first wedding anniversary... I'm sure that this is more difficult for him than anyone else...

It's a sad thing to think of your vibrant, energetic friend suffering... But I am looking forward to seeing how all of us who love Emilee will be changed by this...

Etsy Features: "Sarita Baby"


"Sarita Baby" sells lovely and "unique items for you baby"... She uses colourful desingner fabics and is based out of Oshawa, Ontario!
Check it at "Sarita Baby"

So Exciting!


My first ad spot... Check it out @ www.challies.com

Birthday Party...

Time Managment...

Last week was a VERY busy week... We had a lot going on... And when that happens, I tend to get a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything! But I'm determined not to let anything slip... And as long as I make a to-do list, I can often get it all done!

So... I thought, since I've been spending so much time online lately, that I needed a way to manage my tasks on-line... Enter: "Ta-da Lists"

I checked out many sites (including "Don't Forget the Milk") but I found this one fit all I needed... A place to list everything that needs doing... And then check it off when the task it done!

I find great satisfaction in making a list and completing it... And I feel like I've got everything under control! So check it out at: http://www.tadalist.com/

Happy Birthday!


June is a busy month at our chruch... There are several birthdays and anniversaries! Today is Jessica's birthday... We have been friends with Jess for over four years now... The first time that she picked us up for chruch back in Fall of 2003, she was driving us down the 401 and said, quite calmly, "I can't really see cause I don't have my glasses on." Very comforting!

Jess has been beside us through many ups and downs... Many dinners at our place and there's, a lovely day spent in Stratford, HOURS spent second-hand shopping (she's a master) and countless hours of sitting on the dock at the cottage... We probably don't tell her enough that we love her to pieces!

From the day Bren was born the two of them have had a special bond... I think they're kindred spirits! I can't wait to see how Brennah will grow to love Jess as she gets older!

We hope that you have a wonderful, blessed birthday... I acutally have the honour of getting to spend the day with her today and celebrating with her in style at her party tomorrow! How fortunate am I?

Happy Birthday Jessie! May this be a year full of growing in grace! We love you!

Happy Anniversary!


Today is the anniversary of our good friends, Julian & Stacey... So... Stace, if you're reading this, have a wonderful, romantic day! We love you both!


Last night (Well... actually very early this morning... I had coffee way too late last night!) I sat down to compose an email to my good friend, Emilee... Our friendship dates back to our first year of University (Way back to 1998) I adored her from the moment we met... She was full of life and energy... And despite being a busy Architecture student, she always had time to grab a coffee and a chat! When Jay and I got married, Emilee took hundreds of wonderful candid shots of our wedding... They are some of our most treasured possessions... Last July we had the pleasure of witnessing Em marry the love of her life... And she couldn't have picked better! Not only is Nick a teacher (Yeah teachers!)... He is intelligent, caring and he has enough energy to keep up with Em!

Early last week I got an email... The email filled me in on all the details of what had been going on in Emilee's life... Two weeks ago today Em visited the ER because she was having very bad headaches... After an MRI she found out she has a brain tumour... Poof... Just like that, her whole life, and the lives of all those that love her, were changed! In an instant... Emilee has currently undergone surgery to relieve the swelling in her brain and she's now awaiting the results of the biopsy... It's hard for me to imagine such a vivacious and intellegent person, sitting in bed, and waiting... But that's her life... For the moment...

Em has been very much in my thoughts and prayers... And what she has undergone thus far has reminded me that there are no guarantees... We must be ready at any time to walk through the "frowning providences"... It has also reminded me that we serve a loving and faithful God...

In the email I sent to Emilee, I send along the words of William Cowper's hymn (1774)

"God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform;
He plants His footsteps in the sea And rides upon the storm.

Deep in unfathomable mines Of never failing skill
He treasures up His bright designs And works His sovereign will.

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take; The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy and shall break In blessings on your head.

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, But trust Him for His grace;
Behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face.

His purposes will ripen fast, Unfolding every hour;
The bud may have a bitter taste, But sweet will be the flower.

Blind unbelief is sure to err And scan His work in vain;
God is His own interpreter, And He will make it plain."

Etsy Features... "Pacokeco's Scribbles"


Whenever I'm exploring Etsy, I always keep my eyes open for other Canadian shops! My goal is to feature a different Canadian shop each week.

The first shop I've decided to feature is "Pacokeco's Scribbles"... She sells "yummy paper" goods... She has an incredible assortment of handmade gift tags at very reasonable prices! Check out her site at: http://pacokeco.etsy.com

Her 8-year-old son also has a great little shop at: http://roboboy.etsy.com


Cherry Picking!

The last few days have been full of exciting developments in my jewellery making life! I got my first sale, sold to several amazing & supportive friends through my Etsy site, and finally received a shipment of antique brass supplies that I'd been waiting for for about two weeks!

When I saw t
hese little birds, I knew they would take my designs in a whole new direction... And they have! In such a short time, I can't believe how much my ideas have changed!

Check out t
he Cherry Picking necklace and earrings!

"Fabulous Artistic Moms of Etsy" Sale


Oh yeah... Forgot to mention... I'm now a member of "Fabulous Artistic Moms" of Etsy... We're having a sale today from 5 PM EST to Midnight EST...

Check out the annoucement on my site: http://theardentsparrow.etsy.com

* * * *
"The Ardent Sparrow" Handmade Jewellery
FREE SHIPPING on ALL necklaces to Canada and the US - Tuesday, June 17 between 5:00PM EST and Midnight EST (Note: I have put all my shipping charges for necklaces at $0)
SECRET: I have a secret hidden in one of my necklace descriptions! Purchase it, put "T10T Secret" in notes to seller and I will send a pair of matching earrings along free of charge! Happy shopping!
* * * *

Take a Gander...

As I've entered into this jewellery making thing, I've found some pretty lovely blogs that I like to frequent... Check them out in "Take a Gander" on the left... They're amazing... And perhaps they'll inspire you to do something creative today...

I've got several orders to fill... So while Bren's still sleeping, I'm off to jewellery making land!

A Lovely Weekend...


This weekend there were a few firsts...
1) Brennah got her first tooth!
2) We spent the first weekend away with her... And it was great... She was great!
3) Jay celebrated his FIRST Father's Day!
4) And I came home to find out that I had sold my first piece on Etsy... A necklace to a lovely lady in California!

There are days... Despite being sick... When I say to the Lord, "How could I ask for more?"

Check out some pictures of the weekend...

Wedding Jewellery...


Weekend Away...

We heading homeward (at least for me) this weekend... One of my best friends from highschool is getting married... In the business of packing and preparing to travel for the first time with Brennah (who is nearly five months old) I've forgotten to sit and think... Another wedding, another summer... And yet so much has changed... When Bren was born, the first few weeks we really difficult! Yet from the moment she arrived (at least from the moment I woke up from my c-section) nothing has been the same... It should be interesting to see how she handles this weekend! It will be a long day on Satruday as we have a wedding shower for my future sister-in-law that will flow directly into my friend's wedding! But Bren's a trooper... It's amazing how much you move away from your self and into the world of such a little baby... But she's everything... And I can't wait to see what becomes of her life!

The last few days have reminded me that as a new mom, sometimes I need to stop... And take it all in... I am so tempted to run, run, run with all the things to do... But life is too short for that... I need to enjoy every moment... Savour every fuss and tear... And let her know that she's the reason we do it all!

Why "The Ardent Sparrow"?


Many people have been asking me the question... "Why the Ardent Sparrow?"... Well... Here is the story...

When I first began planning my store on Etsy, I knew I wanted a name that was rather unique... I had spent the whole day looking at supplies on-line and constantly found myself drawn to the antique brass birds... Birds are very symbolic... For me, what comes to mind when I think of a bird, is a text from the Gospel of Matthew:

Matthew 6:26
"Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" (ESV)

In this context, Jesus is reminding His followers not to worry about what they shall eat or drink... He is reassuring them that the heavenly Father will take care of all of their needs, just as He does for even the smallest bird...

When I was a child, we used to sing a song in Sunday School with the lyrics, "God sees the little sparrow fall, It meets His tender view; If God so loves the little birds, I know He loves me, too." (Lyrics by Maria Straub, 1874)

So... When I think of the sparrow, I reminded of a Sovereign God's care for all of His creatures... Including me... And this calm's my heart!

With images of lovely little antique brass birds and the words of that simple children's hymn running through my head, I settled on something to do with a sparrow... But what kind of sparrow? I knew it needed a word before it... And for some reason I thought that word should with the letter t... Why? I have no idea... But not just any word would do!

After much discussion with my husband Jay (He has quite an infinity for words) and much time spent on an on-line thesaurus, I stumbled upon the word ardent... I word I had always liked (I wanted you use the name Arden for our little girl... I was out-voted)... Ardent means being characterized by intense feeling, passionate, fervent, devoted, eager, or enthusiastic... All words that I felt described my love of making and creating jewellery... And the type of emotions that Etsy began to stir in my heart...

It also reminds me that I need to be a passionate, devoted and eager follower of a Sovereign, all-knowing Lord who remembers even my smallest need... A Lord who has guided my steps to this point... To a small little shop on Etsy...



December 2007... After three and a half years, I stopped teaching... For three and a half years (Plus one more year if you count Teacher's College) I had spent my days planning and creating... As of January, I found myself at home... Waiting for my first baby to be born... Don't get me wrong... This was something I had been waiting for for a few years! And God had finally blessed me with an easy pregnancy (The labour and delivery... not so much... but that's another story!)

In the first few weeks after Brennah's birth, I was too tired to miss anything... But as life settled in I began to crave a creative outlet... Much of my days are now filled with the wonderful tasks of taking care of Bren and her daddy, my husband Jay... But I found myself with some free time... After the cooking, cleaning, reading and feeding... And I wanted to use it wisely...

When Jay and I got married five years ago, I had made all the jewellrey for our wedding (Except my earrings... can't take credit for those)... With some free time on my hands, I decided to once again take up my long forgotten hobby... And so I did... I had forgotten how engaging it could be... In a matter of a few weeks, I taught myself several new techniques (Thank-you Brampton Library) and purchased some amazing materials (Thank-you Etsy)... As I spent time exploring Etsy, I decided that it might be fun to try my hand at selling my pieces on-line...

My site has been up for a few days now... Still no sales... But I'm hopeful...


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