I've been listening to this "Caedmon's Call" song a lot lately... And rejoicing in the life that the Lord has given me... As a mother, I can relate... And rejoice... That every little thing done in service to the Lord, no matter how big or how small, is sacred...

"this house is a good mess
it’s the proof of life
no way would I trade jobs
but it don’t pay overtime
I’ll get to the laundry
I don’t know when
I’m saying a prayer tonight
cause tomorrow it starts again
could it be that everything is sacred?
and all this time
everything I’ve dreamed of
has been right before my eyes
the children are sleeping
but they’re running through my mind
the sun makes them happy
and the music makes them unwind
my cup runneth over
and I worry about the stain
teach me to run to You
like they run to me for every little thing
when I forget to drink from you
I can feel the banks harden
Lord, make me like a stream
to feed the garden
wake up, little sleeper
the Lord, God Almighty
made your Mama keeper
so rise and shine
rise and shine cause
everything is sacred
and all this time
everything I’ve dreamed of
has been right before my eyes"

Words and Music by Randall Goodgame and Andrew Osenga

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  1. "My cup runneth over and i worry about the stain"
    Julian preached a good message Sunday about Joy in Trials from James 1. Sometimes it's in the little ongoing trials that I forget my joy is in christ alone. (Not that stains can really be called "suffering" but sometimes they can certainly add to other frustrations:) ) You're such a good mom, bec. See you soon.



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