Happy Anniversary!


Today is the anniversary of our good friends, Julian & Stacey... So... Stace, if you're reading this, have a wonderful, romantic day! We love you both!


  1. I love that hymn! It is such a good reminder and encouragement to my heart. We serve an amazing and trustworthy God, whom we can trust, because his sovereign will is perfect. Thanks Bec! Keep us posted on your friend Emily. What a reminder to us to serve our Master with all our hearts during our days on this earth, because we do not know when we will be called to glory. Praying for Emily with you, for good test results, and that she would draw closer to God and bring glory to Christ through this trial.


  2. Oops I posted my first comment on the wrong post! I meant to post it below.

    But I was going to post on this post as well and say thank you!! 4 years married to my love :) I'm so thankful to God for Julian and my family.

    I'll cut and paste my other comment I guess :)

  3. 'So, Stacey, if you're reading this...'

    But what if Julian reads it? :)

  4. Sorry Julian... Didn't know I had a male audience!

  5. Hey, if you're talking about me, I'm listening!

    Besides, where else are guys supposed to shop for home made jewellery? :-)



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