Weekend Project {Patchwork Notebook}


I just adore this simple weekend project from "Create & Live Happy"... A Patchwork Notebook, using paper... Add some of your own personality to an otherwise ho-hum notebook... With lovely photos and easy to follow instructions, it's a winner!

{Come Spring} Collection


Introducing, my new collection... {Come Spring}... Coming March 2...

"Each Flower Enjoys the Air it Breathes" Ring

"Through Primrose Tufts" Earrings

"Aching for Spring" Necklace

"I Heard a Thousand Blended Notes" Earrings

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Blissful Images'


I have often longed to be a better photographer... Welcoming Brennah into our family has given me lots of time to practice... But it's still just a hobby... I am always in awe of a well taken photograph... And once you take a look at the shop of "Blissful Images" I'm sure you'll see why it caught my eye... What's your favourite image?

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Sewing Momma'


I was incredibly thrilled when I found the shop of "Sewing Momma"... I LOVE to organize and I can't get enough of her Fabric Storage containers... The colours and patterns are just lovely and would make organizing any home so much more fun! Enjoy...

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Brezomayo'


Once again, I've happened upon a shop that makes me wish I could sew... But I can't... I must accept that fact... So I relish in the wonderful abilities of others... I just adore the nostalgic whimsy of "Brezomayo Designs" as I'm sure you will too... What's your favourite?

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Alma Pottery'


I'm thinking spring... And I just love these springtime inspired sweet and tiny little dishes by "Alma Pottery"... Pink floral blossoms... Ahhhhh... Come though long-awaited spring!

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Pillow Happy'


I LOVE pillows... I'm always on the hunt for great decorative pillows, much to my husband's dismay... I think pillows bring life and comfort to a room... And I adore the handmade and unique feeling of the pillows from the shop of "Pillow Happy"... There is something for everyone! Enjoy! 

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'The Sweet Unfolding'


I've had the shop of "The Sweet Unfolding" in my favourites for some time now... With soothing bath products in scents like 'Petal', 'Flutter', 'Linger' and 'Blush', who can resist... And for more products in their line you can visit thesweetunfolding.com... Enjoy!

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Sew Lovely'


I just adore the lovely, colourful creations of "Sew Lovely"... Enjoy!

Weekend Project {Love Mini Book}


A perfect Valentine's Gift... {The Love Mini Book}... For the one (or ones) you love from "Capture Create"... With step by step instructions and printable 'Love Circles' this is sure to be a simple project with lovely results... Enjoy!


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