Wow... It's late Friday night... And it just happened upon me that I didn't post anything today! Oh my... In two and half years, I haven't missed a day... It has been quite the week... I spent the first few days (after the busiest January on record for the Waglers) preparing the house for our real estate agents to visit on Tuesday night... And on Tuesday night, we decided to list our house for sale... So I spent more time preparing on Wednesday... And then Thursday, I spent the day taking care of my sweet Brennah who spent most of the day throwing up... Her first flu... And today, I was off to work and after coming home, started the first of FIVE wholesale orders... Let's just say it's been a week for the record books...

So on this late Friday night, I wish you a happy weekend... We're visiting houses tomorrow morning, trying to find our next home, entertaining friends tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon, and then I'll be continuing with those FIVE orders... I'm thankful for life... And thankful for the stuff of life... And so I leave you with a little bit of what I'm dreaming of, on this late January night...

My Pretty Ladies...


My pretty ladies... All dressed up and ready for Brennah's third birthday party...

Niagara Falls...


We took a lovely trip last week to Niagara Falls... A little getaway with the girls, to celebrate Brennah's third birthday... It was wonderful...

Hues of Flatware...


I'm on the hunt for new flatware... I purchased nice stainless steel flatware back at the end of December only to have it rust... Yes RUST two weeks later... The store took it back without any hassle... And now I'm looking for more... I have my eye on some... But let's just say, it would be an investment... Looking around, I discovered pretty flatware... In many colours... Have you ever seen such a thing?
2. 'Radiance Flatware' via 'Antropologie'
3. via 'Design Crush'
4. via 'MoMA Store'

Brennah Turns Three... The Party


A week of posting on Brennah's third birthday has been so much fun... I'm a proud and thankful mommy... I lost a dear friend this year... And after saying good-bye to Emilee, I realized something... We need to celebrate birthdays... We don't know what the Lord has for us in life... And I have resolved to celebrate birthdays to the fullest... It might seem silly to some... But I love Brennah... We prayed for her for nearly three years... And now she's been with us for three years (And I pray, many more to come)... So I love to celebrate her and the life the Lord has given her! We will celebrate B's birthday again tomorrow with family and a few close friends... And then I'll pack away the birthday decorations until next October when, Lord willing, Leah will turn two! I hope you have a lovely weekend... And that you too, have something special to celebrate!

Brennah Turns Three... The Dancing


Brennah loves to dance... As I've mentioned before, it's a bit of an obsession for her... Last Thursday, she started her first class, Kinderdance... She loved it and today, we're off to her second class! This year, I thought it would be fun to have a birthday party for a few of her friends... And when I thought more about it, I knew we had to invite Caroline, a friend who just happens to be a dancer, to lead B and her friends in a little dance class in our dining room... It was wonderful... They had so much fun!

Brennah Turns Three... The Party Girls


We moved all the furniture out of our living room on Saturday to get ready for Brennah's third birthday party... Before our guests arrived, we had a lovely time taking some pictures of our pretty little girls... I know I'm a little biased, but aren't they cute?

Happy Birthday Brennah!


Today, my first baby turns three... These past three years have been the best of my life... From the time I was a little girl, as cliche as it sounds, all I ever really wanted was to be a mother... It didn't come easy... And as I look back on the Lord's sometimes difficult providences for us on our journey to parenthood, I find such joy in realizing that He had Brennah, and Brennah only in mind for us... We needed her and she needed us... For those of you that know my little girl, you know how much she loves life... She is full of laughter, drama and joy... She truly lives life to the fullest... And she fills our lives with more happiness than I could ever have hoped for! Happy Birthday dear Brennah! We love you more than you will ever know and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you in the years to come!

Brennah Turns Three... The Party Plans


This past Saturday, we had a lovely little birthday party for Brennah and 6 of her friends... I truly enjoying planning a party (and photographing ever detail)! And with little girls, tutus, dancing, lots of pink and ballerina cupcake toppers, this time was no different! Enjoy... And check back Wednesday for pictures of the birthday girl... I'm still pinching myself... Can she really be three?
Ballerina Paper Dolls
I purchased a pale pink tutu for each of the girls, instead of giving out bags of candy and toys at the end of the party... They looked so sweet all dressed in their tutus!
Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Icing topped with Ballerinas


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