The Book of Love...


Last year, I committed to journalling more... I failed... Sometime in the fall, I thought that I would try to at least get a year's worth of thoughts on paper... To present to Jay as a Christmas gift... I wanted to give it to him, all finished, all 365 days, so he could take it to work and hold a year's worth of encouragement... I made it to the end of March, ran out of time and space, and gave that to him for Christmas... Turns out 365 days takes A LOT of time! So over the next few months, I intend on continuing, so that on March 31st, I can present him with April onwards... Here's a sneak peek into what I've finished so far... With scripture, hymns, quotes of love, snippets from the emails we sent while separated during our dating days, pictures of our wonderful life, and a few of my sentiments for him added here and there, I truly hope he'll love it as much as I loved making it!


  1. This is so inspired and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. that is such a sweet attention; I bet your girls would love to read it later.



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