Brennah Turns Three... The Dancing


Brennah loves to dance... As I've mentioned before, it's a bit of an obsession for her... Last Thursday, she started her first class, Kinderdance... She loved it and today, we're off to her second class! This year, I thought it would be fun to have a birthday party for a few of her friends... And when I thought more about it, I knew we had to invite Caroline, a friend who just happens to be a dancer, to lead B and her friends in a little dance class in our dining room... It was wonderful... They had so much fun!


  1. So adorable, i use to love ballet when i was little i hope my little girl does to, they look like they had so much fun :)


  2. SO cute Beck! Love it. I truly hope God blesses me with a daughter one day! :)

  3. That is ADORABLE! I can't wait for a little girl...

  4. oh my goodness... could not be any cuter!




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