Home Sweet Home...


The big move went smoothly... And we spent the weekend beginning to settle in to our new 'Home Sweet Home'... A new adventure begins!
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We've Moved...


Today is the day... After months of thinking, planning, and dreaming, the day is here... We've moved... We've said good-bye to our curved ceilings, the nursery that welcomed our babies, the crab apple tree in the backyard, the bathroom that we renovated from the studs (over the course of one very trying week), the Japanese Maple that I bought for Jay and we planted on our fifth anniversary... Our first house... Our first home... The place where we became a family...
 Good-bye 42 Eldomar!

Keep Moving...


Thinking a lot about moving on this week... It really is bittersweet... I love this little house of ours... But I know we're moving on to bigger and better things... That life is going to be just as sweet where we're going... But it's still a bit hard to say good-bye... And that's okay, right?



We're packing our hearts out around here this week, preparing for the move on Friday (If only we were looking as glamorous as the lady above)... And I was thrilled to come across these Printable Packing Labels and this helpful Moving Checklist...

Monday Design Inspiration: Child Friendly Bookshelves


The girls are going to have their very own play space in the new house... I'm hoping to add some shelves at little girl level for some of their many, many books!
1. Custom White Bookshelves via 'Modern 24/7'
2. Rain Gutter Bookshelves via 'Honey and Fizz'
3. Spice Rack Bookshelves via 'OhDeeDoh'
Note: I picked up three of these spice racks from Ikea on the weekend for $6.99 each

Weekend Project {Hot Chocolate}


It's actually been hot chocolate drinking weather around here these days... On the agenda for this weekend (hopefully)... A little time with Brennah and some 'Hot For Chocolate'! Enjoy!



It has been rainy for days here... Five days to be exact... And I'm feeling somewhat indifferent to it... Despite the fact that we haven't had much fresh air... Our move is getting close... So I've tried to look at the rain as a gift... It's much easier to pack when there is no temptation to go outside... I doubt my girls feel the same way...

Wedding Video Love...


I've been a follower of 'Style Me Pretty' for some time now... And I was thrilled when just last week they unveiled a gallery of wedding videos... I spent the better part of that night, not feeling well (still feeling a steady wave of nausea pretty much all the time), trying to distract myself watching other people's wedding videos... And honestly, feeling a little bit envious... I know envy is oh so wrong... But I wish more than anything that I had such a video to show my girls...

Eight Years...


Eight years ago today, on a perfect blue skied May day, Jay and I were married... Before our family and friends, we promised to love and care for one another, forever... It was the day of my dreams... With the man of my dreams... Followed by the honeymoon of my dreams... And the life following our wonderful wedding has not disappointed... I continue to be amazed, day after day, year after year... I am so thankful that the Lord brought us together... That He has strengthened and sustained our love... And that He has grown our love by sharing two (soon to be three) beautiful children with us...

"Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there will I be buried. May the LORD do so to me and more also if anything but death parts me from you." Ruth 1:16-17
A photograph of my favourite wedding photo
May 17, 2003

Weekend Project {Ribbon & Sequins}


My girls would love one of these... Ribbon and sequins attached to an embroidery hoop as seen on "The Sweetest Occasion"... Simple and just lovely! A perfect weekend project... On the agenda for me this weekend: Packing, packing, packing! Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Dandelions and Picnics...


We have finally been enjoying some lovely weather here... We've been outside every day this week... And on Monday, we enjoyed our first picnic after the girls picked all the dandelions in the yard! Brennah thinks they are lovely flowers... I'll let her keep believing that!

Unending Love...


The lovely new lookbook from 'Ruche'...

Hidden Animal Teacups...


Are these not the sweetest?
From 'Point Max'

Monday Design Inspiration: Pianos


I've always wanted a piano... For as long as I can remember... And we'll finally have space in the new house for a piano... Despite the fact that they are beautiful, I really hope that the girls will learn to play someday... I think I'm slowly wearing Jay down... And how about painted pianos?
1. via 'Sadie Olive'
3. via 'Bake at 350'
4. via 'Solid Frog'

Weekend Project {Accordion Paper Flowers}


I just love these Accordion Paper Flowers from 'A Subtle Revelry'... The girl's birthdays are months away, but I can start planning now, can't I? Enjoy... And happy weekend!

Ah... The Wedding...


Last Friday morning, I set the alarm for 4 am... From the time I was a little girl, my family has faithfully followed the Royal Family... My mom watched the wedding of Charles and Diana live when I was only one... And we had countless Royal coffee table books filled with pictures of Diana and the boys... So I had to... I had to get up at 4 am to see the wedding... And it was worth it... It was perfect... Did you watch? And now, nearly a week later, a sweet reminder of that memorable day... Enjoy!
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Faint Not...


"Faint Not" by Jenny & Tyler

Penguin Threads...


Fantastic embroidered book covers by Jillian Tamaki which will be released in October... I think "The Secret Garden" may have to make it to one of my book shelves!


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