We've Moved...


Today is the day... After months of thinking, planning, and dreaming, the day is here... We've moved... We've said good-bye to our curved ceilings, the nursery that welcomed our babies, the crab apple tree in the backyard, the bathroom that we renovated from the studs (over the course of one very trying week), the Japanese Maple that I bought for Jay and we planted on our fifth anniversary... Our first house... Our first home... The place where we became a family...
 Good-bye 42 Eldomar!


  1. i cant believe it's here! So many memories.
    Looking forward to many more memories to come at the new house, and having you close.

  2. Oh Rebecca, I know just how you feel. My family and I moved from the first home we built two years ago and I was emotionally attached to the trees we planted to mark our first anniversary there and the birth of both of our children. Today we are celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary having just moved into a new home we spent last year building. My blog has stories about it and if you go to the very beginning you'll see my heartache over it even though I knew the move was right. Just a few weeks ago, I drove by and saw my son's tree in bloom. Brought me to tears... but I'm blessed to have those memories of our first home and so are you. We must always have old memories and new hopes. God bless you as you make Your new nest HOME...

  3. Wishing you the best in your new home. I have to say, you're leaving behind quite a beautiful place. :)

    ♥ sécia

  4. Moving is so bitter sweet. I remember when we left the home where we brought all our children home to, and spent 14 years there. I loved our new home, but it was so sad to leave the other one. However, 9 years later, I would never want to go back. Best wishes for a wonderful new start in your new home! The best part about it is that you are all there together!

  5. lovely photos rebecca... wishing you much happiness in your new home



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