Ah... The Wedding...


Last Friday morning, I set the alarm for 4 am... From the time I was a little girl, my family has faithfully followed the Royal Family... My mom watched the wedding of Charles and Diana live when I was only one... And we had countless Royal coffee table books filled with pictures of Diana and the boys... So I had to... I had to get up at 4 am to see the wedding... And it was worth it... It was perfect... Did you watch? And now, nearly a week later, a sweet reminder of that memorable day... Enjoy!
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  1. I did watch it with friends we had a wonderful day with a garden party etc. They are both such a magical couple. Thanks for the little memories of that day, dee x

  2. Don't think I will ever see or be apart of a wedding that could top that special day. Just breath taking. :) So happy that I was able to watch it live. I have even heard that they have "saved" the public view of the Monarchy. Definatly a breath of fresh air. I always knew that Will would continue what his mother started. Just wonderful!

  3. Loved every minute and bit of coverage of it :)
    Though, I confess, I slept in and went to my sister's later in the am to watch the dvr.

    I read somewhere that nearly half of the world's population watched- half of the people in the whole entire world! All sharing in a lovely,joyous event. We should do that more often.



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