Weekend Project {Tiered Trays}


I've been admiring this idea for some time... With easy to follow instructions from "Martha Stewart.com" there's no reason to keep putting it off! Enjoy!

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Morelle'


A "collection of exclusive handmade bags and accessories made in Amsterdam"... The shop of "Morelle"... Enjoy!

Fantastic Find... 'Kindred'


I happily stumbled upon "Kindred" while searching for on-line inspiration this past weekend... Developed by the creators of "Decor 8" and "Creature Comforts" there are several free desktop backgrounds to choose from... I've included my favourites below! Enjoy friends...

Weekend Project {Soy Candles}


This is something I've been wanting to try for some time now, inspired by all the lovely tea cups and vintage glasses I see at thrift shops... I'm not sure if this will be the weekend, but with these easy to follow instructions for Making Soy Candles from Country Home, I hope the time will soon be here! Enjoy...

"Country Home"

Don't have time to make them? Purchase them from 'Mireio'

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Bloomsong'


A lovely Etsy shop for sweet, sweet Paris... "Bloomsong"... Enjoy!


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