Wow... It's late Friday night... And it just happened upon me that I didn't post anything today! Oh my... In two and half years, I haven't missed a day... It has been quite the week... I spent the first few days (after the busiest January on record for the Waglers) preparing the house for our real estate agents to visit on Tuesday night... And on Tuesday night, we decided to list our house for sale... So I spent more time preparing on Wednesday... And then Thursday, I spent the day taking care of my sweet Brennah who spent most of the day throwing up... Her first flu... And today, I was off to work and after coming home, started the first of FIVE wholesale orders... Let's just say it's been a week for the record books...

So on this late Friday night, I wish you a happy weekend... We're visiting houses tomorrow morning, trying to find our next home, entertaining friends tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon, and then I'll be continuing with those FIVE orders... I'm thankful for life... And thankful for the stuff of life... And so I leave you with a little bit of what I'm dreaming of, on this late January night...

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  1. Oh always love hearing about exciting moving plans, I am really feeling like a 'project' right now. I hope you are able to have fun house hunting this weekend.



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