Hues of Flatware...


I'm on the hunt for new flatware... I purchased nice stainless steel flatware back at the end of December only to have it rust... Yes RUST two weeks later... The store took it back without any hassle... And now I'm looking for more... I have my eye on some... But let's just say, it would be an investment... Looking around, I discovered pretty flatware... In many colours... Have you ever seen such a thing?
2. 'Radiance Flatware' via 'Antropologie'
3. via 'Design Crush'
4. via 'MoMA Store'


  1. oooo I love the first ones! So pretty :)

  2. I adore that picture of the paint covered spoons.

    Here cutlery is usually given as a wedding gift - a big canteen full of a gorgeous service but no-one bought the one of our wedding list so we have a cheaper one we have used for years. But now I fear we will never make that leap into the 'investment' set.

  3. I love the first one too. beautiful



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