Happy Weekend...


We have a huge weekend ahead of us... On Tuesday, our sweet Brennah will turn THREE! I can hardly believe it... Tomorrow we have a dear friend coming to help out with the first of two birthday parties for Bren (The second will be next Saturday with family and a few close friends)... Brennah LOVES to dance... Caroline is a trained dancer... So some of Bren's little friends are coming for a party of dancing, tutus, macaroni & cheese, cupcake decorating and ballerina paperdolls... Then on Sunday afternoon, after church, we're heading to Niagara Falls for our first family of four getaway... We'll spend a few days, enjoying an indoor waterpark, celebrating three wonderful years with Brennah, and taking in a few of the *frozen* sights in Niagara Falls! I hope you all have as wonderful weekend as we're poised to have... I love my girls and I love celebrating more than almost anything else! Happy weekend!
My little girl, in her first tutu, back in May 2010


  1. What a beautiful sounding way of celebrating this special little ones third birthday! I hope it is all packed with fun-filled memories.

  2. What a lovely photo of Brennah!
    Have a wonderful exciting weekend.

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!
    Sounds like you're in for huge amounts of fun!

  4. Sweet pic of your little ballerina! Happy Birthday, dear Brennah! Your party ideas sound like the stuff dreams are made of to me!
    Wishing you all a week-end of happy memory making!

  5. I hope you will have a great week end with your kids then!

  6. So pretty! My son's 3rd birthday is on Tuesday as well! How funny! We are doing Toy Story themed, Ryder LOVES Buzz Lightyear! Hope Brennah has a wonderful birthday!



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