Brennah Turns Three... The Party


A week of posting on Brennah's third birthday has been so much fun... I'm a proud and thankful mommy... I lost a dear friend this year... And after saying good-bye to Emilee, I realized something... We need to celebrate birthdays... We don't know what the Lord has for us in life... And I have resolved to celebrate birthdays to the fullest... It might seem silly to some... But I love Brennah... We prayed for her for nearly three years... And now she's been with us for three years (And I pray, many more to come)... So I love to celebrate her and the life the Lord has given her! We will celebrate B's birthday again tomorrow with family and a few close friends... And then I'll pack away the birthday decorations until next October when, Lord willing, Leah will turn two! I hope you have a lovely weekend... And that you too, have something special to celebrate!


  1. i LOVE brennah's concentrated face as she colours. <3

  2. I was just to say the same as above - I love all the little ones concentrated look when they are colouring!



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