Life on Film {Junior Kindergarten}


My first baby started school yesterday... And I just had to share this... How sweet is she? She walked away from me... Without looking back... And for that I am both truly thankful and a little bit sad... There are very few moments when she needs her mommy anymore... And that's good, right? When I picked her up at the end of the day, she ran to me and said "School is perfect Mom!"... What more can I really ask for?

Leah, on the other had, was a bit down without her big "sissy" around... She said on our way to school yesterday morning, "Mommy, I'll be all alone"... And on the way home, she turned around and said to Bren, in a most earnest voice, "I missed you." It was a moment I hope I will always remember...
Brennah May, 4 and a half years old


  1. My son also started on the 1st and he loves it so much. He never cried as well and I was really happy for that bc I would have felt horrid leaving him if he was sad. The moms are able to stay the first week here I did the first two and he was okay :)

  2. oh. i was a bit teary-eyed there.

  3. So precious :)
    Glad to be following your blog, and loving your always-beautiful photos!



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