If I Got Married Again... {SingleB: Beautiful}


Last weekend Jay and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary... Our wedding, May 17, 2003, was a perfect day... I know most brides would say that about their wedding... But in my case, it was true! The sky was blue, not a cloud in sight... The weather was warm with a cool breeze... I married the man that I'd been dreaming about... And we were surrounded by family and friends... But as much as I LOVED every minute of it, I'm glad I only had to plan it all once... However, if I was going to get married again (and I'm more than glad I don't have to), these Etsy sellers would be on my contact list... Enjoy the wedding inspired bliss!

I love the elegance and simplicity of the (potential engagement and wedding) rings by "SingleB: Beautiful"... Someday... Maybe someday... Perhaps I should send the link to Jay!

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