I Wish I Were a Gardener...


In a very sad development around the Wagler house, the lovely Norway Maple in our backyard (half of the reason we fell in love with the space in the first place) is coming down tomorrow... We lost a very large branch a few weeks ago, had it looked at and apparently it's 'diseased'... It's been a tough decision... It seemed easier a few weeks ago, when it was brown and barren... Now it is full of budding leaves and full of life... And alas, the decision is made... Tomorrow we say good-bye... I know it's just a tree... But it's the shade of our evening summer dinners and our shelter from the noise of the city... It's also incredibly beautiful...

With a huge empty space in our backyard about to be reality, we've been contemplating how to best use it... Plant a new tree (Jay's preference), plant a garden, create a 'cozy' sitting area... I have no idea... I LOVE the idea of a garden... But I have what one might consider a 'black thumb' rather than the much needed 'green thumb'... However, it has gotten me thinking about gardening... Perhaps it's time to change from black thumbed, to green... And with all the inspiration of this coming week, I just might give it a try! 

Today's feature would allow me to start small... An herb garden anyone?

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