The Girl's Rooms...


It's been almost three months since we've been in our new house... And we're nearly settled... Just a few days ago, we put the finishing touches on Leah's new room, after moving her out of the nursery (which is now waiting patiently, as we all are, for baby to arrive)...

The artwork with Leah's name on it was a DIY project using frames from Ikea and scrapbooking paper.
The vintage hankie bunting in Leah's room was a custom order from 'Periwinkle Jazz'
The butterfly mobile in Leah's room was a custom order from 'Baby Jives'
The Matryoshka Doll on the shelf in Leah's room is from 'Ravenhill'
The butterfly mobile in Brennah's room was a custom order from 'Almost Sunday'
The heart name prints in both girl's rooms were also custom orders from 'Almost Sunday'
The bunting in Brennah's room was a custom order from 'Jump Up and Down'

See something else you're curious about? I always love to know where people purchased their lovely items... Just comment or send me an email at and I'll be happy to let you know!


  1. that rooms looks so adorable! love the design and inerior choices you made! lovely! xoxo

    Now you can Win a 'Bag' of your choice over my Blog, take a look lovely ...


  2. Rebecca they are truly beautiful rooms! I would love to see your nursery as I shared inspiration for my own on my blog this week and hope to show it off finished and patiently waiting for it's arrival very soon. I spy Ikea spice shelves in Leah's room that I have used in my room too - aren't they just the perfect size?

  3. Love the pastel colours.... dreamy. The girls must LOVE their rooms! :)

  4. How beautiful! This looks like it can be easily adjusted as they mature, as well.

  5. Wow, I want to live in those rooms! I love how you pulled all the elements together and the vintage hankie bunting is the perfect backdrop for my butterfly mobile. Thanks again for choosing a Baby Jives Co. mobile, it was a complete pleasure to work with you!

  6. Such gorgeous rooms. Could I ask where the quilt is over the end of the bed in Leah's room? Love the colours. Thanks!

  7. Hi Tash... The quilt at the end of Leah's bed is from Garnet Hill... I bought it in the summer of 2009 and don't believe it is available anymore but they have very nice bedding!



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