Final Touches and Inspirations...


Tomorrow is the party... I love have something exciting and creative to do in January... This can be a long month... But tomorrow promises to be a great day... Brennah has been saying all week: "Brennah's party coming"... I'm sure she'll adore every moment...

So... For some final inspiration... How much do I wish we could be outside?

{Tea Party Inspiration from 'Bridal Inquirer'}

{Tea Party Ideas from 'Country Living'}

Party pictures to come next week! Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh I know that feeling, as Tay's birthday is in the winter too. I wish I could do outdoor parties...that's it, my next baby will be born in a warmer month! :)Have a great weekend and a wonderful party!

  2. Thanks Shan!

    Bren is bursting with excitement! And I am too!

    Hope to see you soon... How are the wedding plans coming?



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