Brennah's Second Birthday... {Decorations}


The party, on Saturday night, was a HUGE success... And today, my baby turns TWO! It's hard to believe... I love her so much... She has brought SO much joy to our lives... Happy Birthday Brennah!

The handmade decorations from Brennah's Second Birthday Tea Party, January 2010... The garlands were made from gold paper doilies, patterned paper punched hearts, and tissue paper flowers on cream yarn...


  1. A Huge Happy Second Birthday Brennah. Hope your day is filled with lots of fun xx

  2. Those paper flowers are gorgeous! Looks like a beautiful party. I have two little boys, so our parties are more about the dirt and trucks. I don't mind a bit, but I love to take a peek at the pretty girly decorations once in a while.
    Happy Birthday to your little two-year old!



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