A 2nd Birthday Tea Party... {Dreses & Decorations}


Parties are all about the details... I want my girls to grow up with fond and wonderful memories of their birthday parties... Being born on Christmas Eve didn't make for the greatest birthday parties ever... So I guess I'm working pretty hard to make sure that my girls don't miss out on anything... I love a good party... And celebrating someone that I love so much makes every moment (and dollar) spent worth while! I can't wait!

Brennah's second Birthday Tea Party Dress!

So... I have two little girls... And while I have yet to match them exactly, I thought that Leah would look adorable in this outfit to match her big sister on Bren's exciting day!

I posted this project on Friday... I'm wishing and hoping that I'll be able to great a few of these adorable bird cage lanterns made to decorate for the night of the party... I'm hoping to bring in a few fallen branches from outside to hang them on... I think they would look really sweet in Brennah's room after the party is over!

I'm gonna try my hand at this simple but lovely garland from "The Bride's Cafe"


  1. If you can come over this week, bring the stuff and we'll make them together!

  2. I adore those little birdie cages - may just have to make one with my little niece when we next have a play date. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes xx

  3. You are such a thoughtful mother. Brennah and Leah are blessed.

  4. so so sweet! I have fond memories of my own birthday parties...so I have always LOVED planning them for my kids. It's a fun creative outlet too...



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