A 2nd Birthday Tea Party... {Presents}


Brennah had a wonderful Christmas... She was gifted with a Pink Retro Kitchen... She's had hours of enjoyment already (See photo evidence below)... I wanted to keep it simple for her birthday... Something that would work with the kitchen... And in light of the fact that we are having a Tea Party, a Tea Set seemed appropriate...

I have lovely dreams of tea parties with my girls and this pretty pink Tea Set from "Pottery Barn Kids" (It's no longer available so I was MORE than thrilled to find it on eBay back in November... And of course, ours does not say 'Julia'!)...

What's a tea set without tea bags... And few cookies from "Sweetie Tweetie"?

A lovely little baking set, perfect for "Tea" from "Heartfelt"

Last year, I purchased a sweet little girl holding the No. 1 from "Middleburg"... I was so smitten, that I decided to add another little girl holding the No. 2 to Brennah's collection!


  1. becca, these are really cute presents for your daughter. i particularly like the little "number" girls in the end of the post. did you managed to make the bird cages and the garland? i try to make them too-for my birthday party. i kinda dream that my girlfriends will take them home, so they can remember as well as i will remember...

  2. I love those little cookies and teabags - thank you for sharing - they are now firmly in my favourites.

  3. That tea set is adorable, and adding the tea bags made it perfect.

  4. Becky, you are too much! What thoughtful adorable gifts you've picked out. I just LOVED playing house and kitchen when I was small and it looked like Brennah does too!! Have a great party. I'm planning TAyson's for Jan 31st..it's fun!

  5. What a perfect little birthday set! I could play tea party with those accessories. The tea bags really sealed the deal for me.



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