Sleeping Bags...


It took a long time to decide what to get my girls for Christmas this year... And as with most years, I began planning back in August... I like Christmas... And I love trying to pick out the perfect gifts for the people I love... While watching 'Treehouse' one day, a character on one of Bren's favourite shows went camping... She promptly declared, "I want a sleeping bag"... Most evenings I spend 15-20 minutes cleaning up the girls numerous toys in their playroom... So I was thrilled that she was looking for something a little more practical and a little less cumbersome to clean up... And thus began my search for the perfect sleeping bags... I thought they would be perfect for sleep overs, trips to the cottage and watching movies tucked inside on a cold winter night... These are the sleeping bags we settled on for the girls this Christmas... How pretty are they?



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