Photobooks for my Girls...


Still no baby... Today is my due date... I had hoped and prayed that this little one would come early as Leah did... But the Lord has had other plans... I take great comfort in the fact that the Lord knew the day and moment of this baby's birth before there was time... And I'm sure He trying to teach my ever impatient self to be patient and wait on His timing! That said, it's been a long few weeks with many moments of "Is this it?"... And so we wait... And while we've been waiting, I've been trying to work away at my girl's yearly albums... I finished Leah's second year album a few days after she turned two and then decided to go back and re-do Brennah's first year album... I hope you enjoy! I'll be sure to pop in here with the news, once this baby decides to finally join us... The girls are bursting with excitement, as are we...

 (I downloaded most of the elements used in Brennah's book from 'Design House Digital's FREE Designer Blog Hop)

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