The First Annual Christmas Gift Exchange!


Tomorrow is the final day to sign up for The First Annual Christmas Gift Exchange! Please visit the ORIGINAL POST for all the details and to sign up to take part... Enter before tomorrow at Noon so you don't miss out! It promises to be very exciting... And to get you in the mood, a little inspiration!

And finally, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway for a calendar from 'Sixth and Main'!
3. via 'Giver's Log'
7. via 'Shim + Sons'
8. via 'Townmouse'


  1. So excited! :) I bought my special gift and wrapping items this weekend. Just waiting to find that special friend to send it to! Thanks for being a great host! This is going to be fun!

  2. I am all ready to go and just need to make a decision on my wrapping now - wonderful inspiration!

  3. I'm totally bummed I missed out on this! I hope you plan to do it again because I am SO in.



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