{Adieu Autumn}


Today is a very exciting day... Head on over to 'Oh Hello Friend' for a special discounted offer from {The Ardent Sparrow}... Quantities are limited! So excited to be a part of Danni's '12 Days of Cheer'!

December is here... It is time to say 'Adieu' to Fall...

Saying good-bye to Autumn is okay... It really is... Because Christmas is JUST around the corner! SIGN-UP today before Noon for the First Annual Gift Exchange!
8. Hello, Autumn

And finally, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway for a calendar from 'Sixth and Main'! 


  1. Your beautiful collage makes me sad that it feels like Autumn is long gone here for another year, when we have had snow and frost for weeks. Autumn really is a stunning time isn't it. But I am a big fan of Winter too, so I am not too sad!



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