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Our new living room will become a cozy little sitting room that will be perched behind frosted french doors that will provide privacy for guests that will someday use our new queen sofa bed (for which we are still waiting)... I am hoping to work some family photos into the room and leave it generally uncluttered and serene... We shall see!

Love the feel of all these living rooms from "Better Homes & Gardens"

I'm still hunting for the perfect pillows and was inspired to perhaps create my own from this "Country Living" project idea for Stenciled Pillows... The stencil is on its way in the mail!

I've drawn a lot of inspiration from Holly of "Haus Maus"... Her completed living room in Hanover, Germany looks a lot like ours will in the end with the big picture window and furniture placement... I'm hoping to add a shelf (although I'm still searching for something long enough) above the couch to showcase favourite photos...

Our doors, although not antique, look a lot like these great old doors... There is already a lot of wood in our living room & dining room, so we've decide to either white wash or paint our doors... But I love the horizontal panes for something a little different... We also purchased great vintage cyrstal door knobs online that were salvaged from an old house in San Francisco!

We're hoping to someday add a cabinet to our collection similar to the one pictured here to store the bedding for the sofa bed (Image from "Country Living")

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