Getting It Together {Meal Planning}


Back in my 'previous life', teaching full time, I began planning my menus each week to save time when getting home from work... As I planned my menu, I would make my grocery list... I found that we wasted less food when going to the grocery store with a clear plan in mind... I still plan my menu and grocery lists meticulously and appreciate the time saving benefits, especially with a toddler around the house and a busy business to run... I'm just in awe of these great ideas to make meal planning even easier! Enjoy!

Mini Meal Planners from "Briones & Co."

The Chef's Planning Kit from "Knock Knock"

Personalized Recipe Cards from "Petite Press"

Check ME Grocery Shopping List from "LobotoME"

Letterpress Recipe Cards & Recipe Box from "1 Canoe 2"


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  2. Organizing Junkie has a Menu Plan Monday blog carnival. Really helped hold me stay accountable when I was planning meals.


  3. I so need that grocery checklist.
    We are horrible at planning out meals because of our schedules.

  4. wow, can you come help me get organized?
    love the look of your blog



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