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This past weekend marked the beginning of a series of small (although I doubt my husband would agree with 'small') renovations in our house in an attempt to make room for baby and improve the flow of our main floor... I've been searching shops around town and on-line for perfect and affordable furnishings and fixtures to make our house feel like home...

This week I thought I'd share a few of the things that have inspired me along the way... And hopefully soon I'll have pictures of the 'finished product' to share!

Our previous living room and dining room space will be trading spaces in order to make room for some sleeping quarters... Our previous space had gold walls with accents of red... Let's just say the palete has changed completely in favour of lighter, more neutral colours... Perhaps it comes from decorating in the heat of summer... But it will be a very nice change!

As a result, I've been on the hunt for a collection of pieces for the table that will fit with the new colour scheme... I've been searching second hand shops for new dishes to make a mis-matched set that will fit with the new colours and add some character... And of course, Etsy has had many kind offerings! Enjoy!

Great centerpiece ideas from Miss Martha

Vintage Doily Table Runner from "Ravenhill"

Love this stunning bowl from Poppy Serving Bowl from "Marci G's"

Adore the mis-matched vintage look from "Country Living"

Love these glasses from "Antropologie"... But looking for them on a friendlier budget!

Purchased these lovely plates from "Laura Jean's Attic"

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  1. Next time i sleep over you better sleep with one eye open...i loove those dishes ;)



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