What a Week...


It's 10:49 pm... And the fact that I didn't post today just occured to me... I'm normally so on top of these things... It was a lovely day, spent with my dearest friend and our four busy kids... But that's not why I forgot... Let me share with you all a few of the things that have been going on that seem to have hijacked my mind:

#1. I'm pregnant... Again... Happily with baby #3, due in early November... It's been a long two months since finding out the happy (overwhelming) news... I've been feeling as horrible as I've ever felt... And taking care of two busy little girls has really kept me on my toes... I am so thankful for a loving and helpful husband who has happily put up with my lack of cooking and folded many loads of laundry for me... That's the biggest news...

#2. Last weekend I was featured on Heartsy... The deal was a great success but left me reeling with nearly 80 orders... Each of those orders had between 2-4 pieces... Roughly speaking, in the last week, I have made, packaged and shipped nearly 200 pieces of jewelry... I've never even come close to accomplishing such a huge jewelry task... And I'm worn right out...

#3. We're still preparing to move... A few weekends ago we bought a new fridge, washer, dryer (yeah steam dryer!) and mattress as well as a new bed for our room and a kitchen table (which we've never had... Looking forward to an eat-in kitchen)... We've been packing and packing and packing and our house now looks like some sort of warehouse... And this past weekend, we packed up the girls and trekked out to buy our hardwood floors, which we accomplished and then proceeded to bring the 21 boxes of flooring home, filling up our dining room! We have one month left until moving day!

This all sounds like I'm complaining... I'm sorry if it came across that way... I am so thankful to be pregnant again... After nearly three years of 'trying' to get pregnant, we were blessed with our lovely Brennah and then a bit of a surprise with Leah and now another little surprise! And of course, I'll be even more thankful when I start feeling a bit better... Lord willing, that will be very soon... I'm thankful to be busy with work... As tiring as it can be at times... I'm constantly amazed at how the Lord has provided, for nearly three years, a somewhat steady income from my basement... It's been pretty amazing to watch it all play out... And am I ever thankful to be moving... I'd love to blink and be settled, but I've enjoyed ever bit of the planning out our new home! It's all really very exciting...

All this to say that life right now is very full... But very wonderful!


  1. Hooray! Congratulations and welcome to the November baby club :)

    Now get to bed and get some rest

  2. wow you really do have a lot going on i am not surprised your not dizzy i would be ;-) Congratulations on your beautiful magic news the patter of tiny feet is a little treasure. Take it easy if you can, dee x

  3. Wonderful news about the new baby! :) Who knows, maybe Liam will have a cousin who shares his Birthday! The Lord has blessed you so much this year already. So happy for you. Hope you start feeling better.

  4. Congratulations on your lovely news. You are the second person I've heard of this week who is having their third baby! I hope everything goes well for you and it's not been too rough a ride so far. x

  5. Great post. Thanks for sharing. :)

    ♥ sécia

  6. Congrats Congrats!! I hope you begin feeling better soon, and that things calm down!

  7. Congratulations on your new baby! Don't worry too much about not having it all together...you sound far busier than most of us so just take it easy and enjoy whatever each day brings you!

  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy! My husband and I have been 'trying' for over a year now to have a baby. It is difficult sometimes to trust in God's timing. But I find comfort in knowing that His timing is what is best for us. And that we are not alone in this. Sometimes things just take a while! Praying that you will feel better soon!

  9. oh my goodness, i just saw this post. a bit of belated super huge congratulations rebecca! so so very exciting!



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