Monday Design Inspiration: Laundry Room


I don't know if this will ever happen... But I often dream of a beautiful laundry room... I feel like I spend so much time in the laundry room... Aren't these laundry rooms so lovely? Inspiring?
1. via 'My Home Ideas'


  1. I'm the same way. Someday, when I get to pick my own house, a laundry room will be HIGH on my must-have list.

  2. I love that yellow wallpaper and #5 is definitely my fave. :)
    By the way, I created a doily runner inspired by your post awhile back. I love it and thank you for the idea! You can see it here:

  3. Haha I'm quite relieved to see that someone else pines over utility rooms too! I daydream over them in the train every day....imagining having all the laundry in there...there cloth nappies, a old fashioned tin container with 'laundry powder' written on it...*ahem*. anyway, just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading through all the archives! I'm following now and look forward to your next post!



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