Monday Design Inspiration: White


Those of you who have ever been in my home know that I do not have a white room... Not anywhere... Each and every room in our house is full of colour... Truthfully, I love colour... But I'm thinking about perhaps embracing a bit more white in our new home... Perhaps...


  1. Love the painted floor in 1.

    I learned to embrace white and truly love it now. I used to have crazy amounts of color everywhere, now I have grays and whites with splashes of color.

    (I love moving because it's like a whole new blank canvas for me. But I do it without moving too ;))

  2. LOVE white. maybe it's the insanity of having small kids, but at the end of the day white just feels so clean and soothing to look at :)

  3. Beautiful, but I don't think I could go this extreme and keep it beautiful with kids, a dog, and company! Strangely enough, one of my other favorite blogs featured a home decorated in white today... I blogged about it here (and included a link to your lovely blog!):

  4. I love white too. So clean and fresh.

  5. I love white. It's so clean and airy. I'm losing the white for a bit of gray in my new house. It's kind of bittersweet. Coincidentally, I blogged about it today. :)

  6. love white room with pink flower in a glass or metal pot, always beautiful and airy



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