Monday Design Inspiration: Gray


I've never worked with gray before... And this time around, as we start planning for the new house, we're gonna do gray... Jay loves gray and he's pretty thrilled... The master bedroom and perhaps the master bathroom will be getting a slight dose of gray... And I'm pretty thrilled too!
2. via 'Anthropologie'
3. via 'Design Sponge'
4. via 'ohdeedoh'


  1. We did our first bathroom reno in a beautiful slate grey. I absolutely loved it. It is very serene and calming and not at all dull and dreary. You are going to love it.

  2. I've been wanting to paint our room grey. I'll have to show the hubs these pictures. He thinks grey will make it sad. LOVE #5

  3. i love the collection above. We too, are planning on changing our living room color - I like gray. There are so many colors of gray I find - blue-gray, green-gray, lavender- gray, etc. hard choices!

  4. Grey is wonderful. I love the headboard in 5 and the shelf in 6. Great images.

  5. We painted Liam's room gray and I love it!!! :)
    Happy Painting!



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