Monday Design Inspiration: A Tufted Sofa


I'm on the unofficial search for a tufted sofa... One that's affordable of course... I'm not thinking it's likely to happen... But I've been inspired much in the last few months by the formal comfort of these tufted sofas...
2. via 'escapade'
3. via 'layla grayce'
5. via 'csn sofas'


  1. Mirror in the 1st pic and windows in the 4th..OMG!

  2. I would take all of those, but I especially love the green and yellow.

    I have a gorgeous red velvet tufted sofa from the 20's. I got it for $300 bucks (and it was even newly reupholstered!) by constantly searching "velvet" in the furniture category on craigslist.

    Good luck!

  3. That green one from apartment therapy is awesome... *sigh* I'd love to trade in my sofa for one of those! Good luck, I hope you find one... we'll all be jealous ;)!

  4. oh...i love these! i'm also on a search for an affordable tufted sofa. :)



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