A Big Day...


Today is a big day for me... As I'm sure you'll notice, there is no giveaway this week... Sadly, the participant who had agreed to offer an item for this week, well, when I tried to contact her (a few times) for details, she never got back to me... So sad... It was too late to scramble for another participant and I had a few things on my mind... I promise, the giveaways will return next week and I have a fantastic line-up until Christmas...

So... Why might you ask, is it a big day? Long before the blog, the shop, or even the little ladies, I was a teacher... An elementary school teacher... These days, Mommy is my main occupation (The Lord has been so good in providentially aligning the circumstances to make that possible)... But today, I return to teaching... Fret not my friends (if you were)... I will only be working one day a week... Thanks to a wonderful Principal, I will be working from 9:35 am to 1:45 pm one day a week... What a blessing... To get to continue to be with my girls nearly all of the time, keep up the shop and the blog, to spend a bit of time teaching again at a school I love and do it all without much issue... So most likely, as you read this, I will once again be wandering around the halls of Helen Wilson Public School... Leading some sweet little kids in DPA, computers and Gym...

I hope you all have a LOVELY day... I hope and pray that mine goes smoothly... And I will leave you with a few precious pictures of my ladies... Everything we do... well... it's for them... (And yes, the door in that last picture, while they are greeting daddy is covered in fingerprints... The proof of life, a lot of life, and a lot of it, spent at the door, waiting for their daddy!)


  1. Aw, Bec, have a great day back at work. We'll be praying that all goes well.

  2. Maybe I could help you out with this weeks giveaway! I have a lovely vintage heart bracelet that needs a good home! nocarnations.etsy.com

  3. i did not fret, but i most certainly teared up!
    praying you have a SWEET day!


  4. I was going to offer up my wares as a replacement giveaway as well! I'd be happy to let a winner choose anyone of the framed prints that are currently in my etsy shop :)


  5. Hope all went well for you at your new(er) job today! How nice to have a little break away during the week for a few hours. It will be good for you, and for the girls. I get my break on thursday for my woman's Bible study.
    May God bless you on the newly added adventure in your life! :)

  6. I love your work! And those precious little girls waiting for daddy to come home... evoking memories... You have a lovely site and a beautiful family. blessings

  7. I love your work also, and it is a pleasure to celebrate with you today what you shared! ;) Happy teaching and Mamahood gifts too! hugs, Jenn

  8. Thanks everyone! The day went really well! It was an excellent challenge!

    As far as the giveaway goes... Thanks to those who offered... It's too late now... It takes me a few days to prepare for a giveaway and promote it!

    Have a lovely evening everyone!



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