Weekend Project {Crepe Paper Flowers}


I want to make these 'Crepe Paper Flowers'... I really do...

And while you're enjoying them, remember to enter this week's giveaway with 'Sadie Olive'... Happy weekend dear friends!

Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway! Comment before noon EST tomorow for your chance to win $20 in store credit from 'Sadie Olive'!


  1. Those flowers are so lovely! Can't believe they are paper! Wonder if I have some pretty colors of crepe paper? Gotta go look...

  2. Want! Love them. What's in the centers? I can't quite make it out.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. wow those flowers in the vase look sooo real! i definitely want to try and make this sometime! we always have soo many empty vases in our house and i think it would be awesome to fill them with these lovelies!

  4. wow those are really good..At first I thought they were real :)



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