On the Road...


Good Monday morning friends! I'm taking a break from offering a giveaway this week... No need to fret... Next Monday there will be another fantastic giveaway awaiting you... There just wasn't time this week to promote the giveaway as I need to... Why? Well... As you read this, I will be on the road with my girls and my parents to visit my dear cousins in Ohio!

When I was growing up, my twin cousins Amy & Karen lived several hours away... Despite the distance, we saw one another often and I long considered them two of my best friends... When we were in high school, they moved with their family to Ohio... They met boys south of the border and married there... I had the lovely pleasure of standing up with both of them in their weddings... Flash forward several years... Amy still lives in Ohio but Karen has moved with her family to Arizona... This week, Karen will be in Ohio, so I'm a road trip to re-connect with them after nearly THREE years! When I last saw them, I was just barely pregnant with Brennah... Now between the three of us we have NINE kids! Amazing what the Lord has done!

My parents, the girls and I will be visiting (and shopping... Oh 'Target' how I have longed for thee) for a few days... And then I'll be heading back home on Thursday morning... Such an exciting week... Brennah is beyond thrilled to meet all her cousins... And I can't wait to see the twins again... Some things never change... And for that I am truly thankful! Have a great week and I'll be back with a lovely giveaway next Monday!

(l-r: Alan, Uncle Gary, Amy, Tom, Me, Grandpa & Karen, circa 1983)


  1. sweet friend!
    have an A M A Z I N G trip!
    this sounds exciting.
    reconnecting with friends is truly fun.


  2. Ooo, have fun! Target is great - it would be hard not to have it close by!

  3. I hope you have a fabulous time Rebecca, lots of catching up and marvelling over how time has passed!


    PS: I have a little surprise for you on my blog! Happy Monday xx



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