Spring is in the Air...


My favourite time of year: Spring!

I had imagined in my mind's meanderings that this winter, with two children under two would be the longest of my life... And yet, I am happy and thankful to report that the Lord was so good... It was long at times, but full of excitement and joy... Watching Brennah grow into a loving older sister... Hearing her thoughts come out in (mostly) coherent sentences... Celebrating two wonderful years with her and being reminded not to take one moment for granted... Witnessing Leah's sweet smile light up a room... Hearing her whole-hearted giggle for the first time... Watching Jay grow in his commitment to the Lord... In all these moments, despite the long and sometimes lonely days, I held onto the hope that these are THE moments... The moments that make life... And my life is more than I could have ever dreamed of...

I love the spring... I really do... Summer is great, but there is something about the spring in everyone's step as the weather warms up and we once again get to feel the sun on our faces! It just turns everything around for everyone... I'm always amazed! I had a hard time creating this winter... But as the snow melted, my creative block seemed to thaw as well... And I felt like I was ready... Ready to create some new pieces... And take the pictures! So... enjoy... Some new pieces inspired by spring... And flowing from a heart that is so thankful... That winter is over (for now)... And that the Lord sustains... And beyond sustaining, gives abundant JOY!

Check out all these new pieces (and others) in my Etsy shop


  1. What a beautiful post. So encouraging and inspiring. I know I often will think "Oh I can't wait until this time of year or I can't wait until this... or that" - and then end up missing the beautiful moments each day! I have so been convicted of that this winter! Thankfully, I realized that early on, and it has been on my mind to enjoy each day and each moment! :) You're right, praise God for His abundant and unending grace!! :)

    Beautiful jewelry! So springy :)

  2. Lovely post Rebecca and your new pieces look simple gorgeous - will have to investigate further, I already have quite a list for future purchase!

  3. A great post so nice to hear someone enjoying life instead of moaning. I love Spring too there is something so magical about seeing everything turn to green again and to watch the bulbs grow.

  4. You're right: Spring has a way of lightening every mood, inspiring creativity, and giving us that extra push we sometimes need towards joy. I'm so glad to hear you were able to enjoy the special moments during winter, too, though. Truly inspiring!



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