The Littlest Lady in my Life...


This is a quiet week here at the blog as I prepare for next week's huge Giveaway... Featuring 15 fantastic Etsy shops and a new winner every day, this promises to be the biggest giveaway yet! Stay tuned and please visit next Monday (and every day next week) to enter for your chance to win!

This week... Enjoy some family time with my girls...

Leah, 4 Months Old (February 2010)


  1. Wow - Leah has really grown and changed! I know they do tend to do that! Hee hee

    And she looks so much like Brennah now too.


  2. oh rebecca, she is so cute!

    btw. i really really like your new blog layout!

  3. Thank you so much ladies...

    I'm really happy with the new layout Amanda... It was fun figuring out some new things to make it more of what I was hoping for!

    Cassie... Leah is growing so much... She's laying right her beside me now talking away! She does look a lot like Brennah from the side... They're lovely little girls... I am very blessed!



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