My Little "Studio"...


I decided it was time to take pictures of my little "Studio"... My "Studio" travels with me in a fabric covered box... Our house is very full... And I don't have a permanent workspace... But I think, as I've come to learn, that it's better this way! Most of the time my "Studio" sits with me on the couch so I can work while watching episodes of my favourite 90's show, "My So-Called Life"... At other times, it travels with me... To my parents, to Jess', to the Robinson's... And in a few weeks, to the cottage! Take a look at my lovely little studio!


  1. The studio is nice ...

    The plug for MSCL = teh Awesome!!

    I'm a big fan of just about everything Claire Danes has done. (I even managed to sit through most of the Mod Squad!)

    Always knew you had great taste!!

  2. Your studio's welcome at my studio anytime...really:)



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