Etsy Feature: "Punchanella"


This is one of the best handmade items I've seen in quite some time... And I spend a lot of time looking! Charming and colourful... A must have... The "Bling Sling"

I think I'll let Punchanella describe it in her own words (from her Etsy site): "i've been obsessed with travel jewelry rolls for quite some time now... okay wait, i'm obsessed with the contents, but really quite like the roll as well. it's SO handy when you're on a trip and need a place for your goods. PLEASE don't just shove them in a baggie (scratching your bling) or, heaven forbid, set them on the night-table (my Grandma would be so ashamed of you!). This bling sling has two pockets for bracelets, earrings or necklaces, and a ring-roll for, well, rings. the ring roll snaps down so you can't lose them and the pockets all zip shut. so secure!!!"

Check out her Etsy shop or her web-site to design your own "Bling Sling" or to browse her other amazing handmade items! A gold Indie star to Punchanella... I love it!

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