My Baby Bren...


I've been thinking a lot lately about how quickly Bren is growing... I've always promised myself that I would never be the kind of mother who spent more time in the past than the present... That I would raise her from the beginning with the knowledge that someday she will leave... And that is normal... And good... And God's plan! Instead of being sad that she's growing so quickly, I've been seeking God's grace to love and enjoy every moment with her... This has been a very long and quiet week... But she has brought me so much joy... The Lord has been gracious... In giving me a little girl... In giving me a little girl so much like me... She loves to be with me... Which is amazing! She loves to talk and giggle... And I'm beginning to see so much more of the person she is... And it's incredible! I pray continually that the Lord will show her what is true and right through our lives... This is a heavy weight... But God is good... And He continues to grow us... And I pray that she, above all others, will reap the benefits of what He's doing in us!


  1. Great thoughts, Bec. Isn't it awesome to watch as they grow and see their little personalities begin to develop? The more I watch our little ones the more I think, 'now where in the world did you learn that from?'

    It's awesome to see how God creates each little baby as their own distinct person. What a blessing to be a parent!

  2. Those photos are beautiful,you are lucky



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