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This quote, while largely attributed to Dr. Seuss, it most often cited as an anonymous proverb

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Life on Film {Two Months Old}


 Olivia Kate, Two Months Old: 12.01.12

Happy Birthday Dear Brennah!


Four years ago today, our lives changed forever... After years of waiting, we welcomed our first child, a lovely little girl... We named her Brennah May, her middle name a tribute to my dear grandmother... It was one of the sweetest days of our lives... Today Bren turns four! I am so thankful the Lord brought Brennah into our lives... Her exactly... She's taught me much about joy and contentment... She's full of exuberance, humour, and affection! Happy Birthday dear Brennah! We pray the Lord continues to keep your heart soft and that you will soon learn to trust Him more than anything else! Here's to another wonderful year!

Weekend Project {Vintage Plate Wall Display}


I've been collecting antique and vintage china for years... My collecting began when my grandmother gave me her tea cup collection when I graduated from University... When we moved to the new house we had a huge open space on our kitchen wall... After some searching, I finally found a way to hang some of my favourite plates, many of which have been collected a thrift shops over the years... I purchased invisible adhesive discs from 'Dischangers'... And last weekend, we finally hung the plates... I'm so happy with the result!

Life on Film {First Snow}


Somewhere near the end of 2011, it finally snowed... My girls had been waiting and waiting and waiting... They were thrilled to finally enjoy some snow!



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Life on Film {A Few Glimpses of Christmas}


We had a lovely Christmas... It was busy with travel from family to family... Our Livy marked six weeks old on Christmas Eve as I marked 32 years... Ain't she sweet?


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